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Showcasing sea glass finds that have distinctive qualities and history that make them top-notch collectables.

Marmite Bottle Sea Glass


An Amber Brown Marmite Sea Glass Bottle

This sea glass specimen is an intact and well-conditioned, small brown Marmite bottle. While this food product may be unfamiliar to most sea glass collectors around the world, it is well-recognized in the United Kingdom.

Sun-colored Amethyst Stopper


A Sun-Colored Amethyst Sea Glass Stopper

Sea glass stoppers of any color are a rarity, even for the avid beach comber. To find a sun-colored amethyst stopper can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Orange Sea Glass Marble


An Orange Sea Glass Marble

Fall is upon us and so are some prime sea glass collecting opportunities. Who knows, you may have a chance to find an Autumn colored piece of glass like this marble from Washington state.

Teal Sea Glass Gem


A Teal Sea Glass Bottle Bottom

April's sea glass specimen is a teal shard from Puerto Rico. The distinctive color dates this sea glass gem to be between 80 and 150 years old.

Black Glass Segment


An Old, Rare and Elusive Black Sea Glass Shard

A thick and black-looking olive-green piece of sea glass indicates it is probably from an old bottle commonly used to transport liquors, olive oils and other consumables.

Golden Yellow Sea Glass Handle

JULY 2016

A Goldenrod Yellow Glass Mug Handle

This month's featured find is a sea glass handle from a glass mug. This specimen was found in the location of an old English coastal garbage dump.

Coca Cola Sea Glass

JUNE 2016

A Seafoam Coca Cola Shard

This month's featured sea glass shard is a seafoam colored gem from the bottom side of a Coca Cola bottle found on the beaches of Puerto Rico.

Santa Cruz Sea Glass

MAY 2016

Santa Cruz Sea Glass Mushroom

For the month of October we look at an exotic mushroom-shaped sea glass remnant found in the Santa Cruz, California area.

Railroad Marble

APRIL 2016

Railroad Marble

This month we'll take a look at a special kind of glass marble often found along railroad tracks and is commonly referred to as a railroad marble.

Ruby Red Sea Glass Watch

MARCH 2016

Ruby Red Sea Glass Watch

This month we'll take a look at a sea glass watch face found on the beaches of the UK.

Safety Wire Mesh Sea Glass


Safety Wire Mesh Sea Glass

This month we'll be taking a look at safety glass which produces a unique and very recognizable type of sea glass.

Sea Glass Electrical Insulator Shard


A Sea Glass Insulator Shard

Besides being very thick and chunky this piece of sea glass has the telltale threads that clearly indicate its origins before becoming a prized piece of sea glass.

Brown Clorox Bottle Shard


Clorox Amber Sea Glass Base Segment

In the spotlight for this month is a bottom section of the ubiquitous Clorox amber brown glass bottle.

Dark Green Kick-up, Pushup


A Dark Green Kick-up

This month we look into the source of the half-domed sea glass shards occasionally found along the coastline.

Campfire, Bonfire Sea Glass Melt


An Orange Sea Glass Campfire Melt

For the month of October we've chosen a rare orange colored sea glass melt from the coast of New Brunswick, Canada.

Large Sea Glass Stopper from Decanter


A Large Sea Glass Stopper

This month's featured sea glass gem is an uncommonly large clear glass stopper found on the northern coast of England.

Demijon Bottle Top Sea Glass


An Aqua Blue Sea Glass Lip Segment

A sea glass lip segment from a very large demijohn bottle possibly used to transport wine and other spirits.

Spatter Sea Glass Segment

JULY 2015

Spatter Sea Glass

July's featured gem is a multi-colored sea glass specimen whose origins are possibly from a type of Czech glassware or tableware from the 1930s.

Privacy Sea Glass Segment

JUNE 2015

Privacy Window Sea Glass

June's featured gem is a particular type of pressed glass used for a specialized type of windowpane.

Yellow Pattern Glass Segment

MAY 2015

A Yellow Pattern Glass Segment

April showers bring May flowers and the featured sea glass for May – a soft yellow segment from an old pattern glassware.

Cobalt Blue Sea Glass

APRIL 2015

A Cobalt Blue Sea Glass Bottle Bottom

April's sea glass specimen is a cobalt blue shard from Northern California which may possibly be a bottom segment from a Vick's VapoRub bottle.

Kelly Green Soda Bottle Sea Glass

MARCH 2015

Kelly Green Soda Bottle Bottom

This green lime-wedged sea glass shard probably came from the bottom of a soda bottle.

Royal Ruby Red Bottle Bottom


A Royal Ruby Red Sea Glass Gem

February's featured sea glass gem is a highly prized bottom of a red sea glass bottle. This particular shard originated from a unique beer bottle produced for Schlitz Brewing Company by the Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation.

Case Gin Bottle Top Sea Glass


A Sea Glass Bottle Top from an Old Case Gin

This month's featured sea glass specimen is the remnant of the top of a very old case gin bottle.

Sea Glass Shooter Marble


A Sea Glass Shooter Marble

The object of this month's sea glass feature is a large, glass shooter marble found along the shores of Puerto Rico.

Rumford Bottle Side


Rumford Bottle Sea Glass Segment

The month of November features an old teal-colored Rumford Chemical Works bottle shard found on the shores of Rhode Island.

Art Glass Sea Glass, Santa Cruz


A Multi-Colored Art Glass Gem

This well-rounded, tri-colored piece of sea glass that started out as refuse glass thrown away by an art glass studio.

Sea Glass Bottle Top


Sea Glass Bottle Top

For the month of September we will call upon our knowledge of the history of bottle making to help identify a soft blue sea glass bottle top.

Torpedo Bottle Bottom Segment


Torpedo Bottle Bottom Segment

For the month of August we will look into the history of an unusual sea glass shard from a torpedo bottle produced in the middle half of the 19th Century.

English Multi Red, White and Blue

JULY 2014

A Patriotic Red, White & Blue Multi

For the month of July this red, white and blue multi-colored sea glass shard has been chosen in recognition of America's independence from England.

Largest Sea Glass Found

JUNE 2014

The Largest Sea Glass Shard Ever Found?

This monster could be the largest sea glass specimen ever found. It came from the Northeast of England where a Victorian glass factory once operated.

Vitrite Light Bulb Insulator Sea Glass

MAY 2014

Vitrite Sea Glass from Lake Erie

For the first month of 2014 we are going to explore the origins of this unusually dark sea glass specimen, found in a particular area of Lake Erie.

Vaseline Glass Draw Pull

APRIL 2014

Vaseline Glass Drawer Pull

This sea glass specimen was once possibly a vaseline glass decorative drawer pull knob from the Depression-era.

Amethyst Piamo Insulator Sea Glass

MARCH 2014

Piano Insulator Segment

For the month of March we will look at a very unusual sea glass specimen found in a coastal tip in the southeast of England.

Pink Depression Glass Handle


Pink Depression Glass Handle Segment

For the month of February we are featuring a salmon pink colored handle segment from a depression era water pitcher.

UK White Sea Glass Boulder


A Large Sea Glass Boulder

This sea glass behemoth originates from the northeast of England where now-defunct glass factories once operated.

Amberina Sea Glass Gem


An Amberina Sea Glass Shard

This is a fine example of amberina sea glass found on the beaches of Puerto Rico. This shard could be as old as the late 1880s and possibly came from discarded tableware.

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