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Of Bleaches & Beaches!

Tracy: I just got into collecting sea glass and think I may have become obsessed. I just moved to Pacific Grove, CA and there seems to be a ton of sea glass around the Monterey Peninsula.

Yesterday I found a brown handle of some sort at the beach in Seaside and today I was shocked to find one almost identical on the beach in Monterey.

I "googled" to see what they might be and found out that they might be old Clorox bleach bottle handles. Do you know if that is correct?

Journal: Those are nice specimens and we think you're right Tracy! They're probably from Clorox jugs or some other bleach jug such as Purex which also came in large, brown glass jugs.

Have fun collecting from the Monterey Bay! Besides being a very beautiful area there are lots of beaches to collect sea glass.

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Santa Cruz Sea Glass Festival

Posted April 7th, 2014

Santa Cruz Vendor Application Now Available

The Santa Cruz Sea Glass Festival vendor application is now available for download at Santa Cruz Vendor Application.

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