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Happy to Have the Blues!

Michael, 10 years old from PA, spent most of his spring break from 4th grade visiting his uncle in Bristol, RI and looking for sea glass with his brother and a freind. After completing the Cliff Walk in Newport, Michael wanted to search for some sea glass along the beaches. After about 45 minutes of collecting sea glass we were about to call it quits when Michael asked for just a couple more minutes. This is when he spotted the "find" of his trip, a cobal bluet sea glass marble perfectly rounded. He first thought it was a small rubber ball and was going to bounce test it against the rock, but thankfully he realized this was not a rubber ball, it was some type of glass.

Michael plans to carefully transport the piece of glass back to PA where he will come up with a safe place to display it, and have it as a great memory of the spending his vacation in RI with his parents, his brother, his friend, his uncle, and his big black labrador retriever.

Journal: What a find for Michael... and in my own back yard! That is one beauty of a cobalt blue shooter marble. Most collectors can search a lifetime and not find such a wonderful specimen. I have no doubt it will be one of the premier gems of his collection.

And we are extremely happy that Michael decided not to bounce his find against a rock to see if it was a rubber ball! That would certainly have given him the blues!

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