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Theresa, New Jersey: As the Summer of 2014 comes to an end I spent the last week of August at the Jersey shore and took every opportunity to search for sea glass. The beaches were untypically very rocky but there was a bounty of sea glass available so I powered through the stones.

In total for the week I found over 200 pieces of the typical browns, whites, some greens and even a few blue and tourquiose but then I came upon the "holy grail" of seaglass. Sitting by itself in an unusually sandy patch of beach was a 1" by 1" piece of red sea glass. I quickly grabbed it before the next wave hit thinking it had to be plastic but hoping it was not.

Upon closer inspection I could see it was glass and the red transitioned into orange and yellow. The most beautiful sea glass I have ever seen! I was so excited that I couldn't keep it to myself. I just had to share my prize with all the other sea glass hunters I passed on the beach to show it off and ask what they thought it could have came from.

Perhaps and old car light, perhaps Amberina?

Journal: That's a great find and a great question Theresa!

Amberina glass, a type of two-toned glassware, was first patented by Joseph Locke in the late 1800s. The red color was achieved by reheating the glass before it was allowed to cool. As some of you may have guessed already, a precipitate of colloidal gold is used in the glass to achieve the red color as in other types of red glassware.

Amberina is usually reserved for types of glassware where the two-toned effect is desired #150; more specifically, your fancier types of tableware. I've looked through many images of amberina glass on the web and did not found anything that resembles the ribbed pattern of your piece.

While this could be a type of tableware it looks more like a red glass lens, possibly from an automobile tail light. I have many shards from automobile tail lights and other red glass reflectors that show this type of two-tone color. The process for making such lights probably causes the outer edges of the glass to cool quickly causing a color shift to orange-yellow.

Maybe one of the other readers can shed some more light on the two-toned color found in tail lights and glass reflectors on the Sea Glass Journal Facebook Page.

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Thanks for sharing this interesting sea glass find!

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