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Linda, Canada: I have only been collecting for a few months on beaches in New Brunswick, on Canada's East Coast. Recently my daughter and I visited a small beach in the area. There was so much glass that it was hard to decide what to keep. A gentleman from the area told me that up until 50 years ago this was a dump site. So I guess that's why there is so much getting washed up.

Most were pretty standard greens and browns. As we walked I noticed what looked like a round rock partially buried but not wanting to assume, I picked it up. I realized it was not a rock but a very puzzling piece of glass.

Later I showed it to a friend who has been collecting for many years and she had a couple of suggestions but had not seen a piece like it before.

This week my daughter sent me the link to your site showing the torpedo bottles and said this looks like what you found. Since I thought so too I decided to send you some pics.

Journal: Hi Linda! Lucky you! One amusing aspect of sea glass collectors is that we prefer to find an old, coastal dump to explore rather than sunbathing on a pristine beach!

Looking at the photos you sent, right off we can determine that it is an old piece of black glass. It looks to be a very dark olive green specimen, possibly from the 1800s. It does seem at first blush to have the rounded bottom common to a torpedo bottle (Torpedo Bottles) but after closer inspection we can rule that possibility out.

First and foremost, torpedo bottle bottoms are very thick at the tip and we can see that your specimen gets thinner in the center. Your find actually has all the markings of a kick-up from the bottom of an old bottle and what you first thought was the outside was actually the inside of the bottle.

Many sea glass kick-ups will have a little rounded bump in the middle referred to as a mamelon, caused by a metal rod with a concave tip. Your bottle bottom appears to have been pushed up with a rounded tipped rod. You can read more about kick-ups by clicking Sea Glass Kickups.

Thanks for sharing your unusual sea glass find!

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